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Leading a Peak Performance Culture Webcast Links

With over 500 sites from many countries tuned to our one hour webcast last week it’s clear that Leading a Peak Performance Culture is a topic with lots of interest. You can now view the full archived webcast by clicking here. During this fast-paced session I gave a high altitude, jet speed overview of a […]

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Five Critical Steps in Developing a Peak Performance Culture

Southwest Airlines has not only been the most financially successful airline in history it has also produced the #1 return to investors of all S&P 500 publicly traded companies for a 30 year period. Herb Kelleher, co-founder, Chairman Emeritus, and former CEO declares, “it’s the intangibles that are the hardest things for competitors to imitate. […]

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How We Spent Our Summer

Over the years “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” became a clichéd back-to-school assignment. This September, our response is “what vacation?” and “we were extraordinarily busy!” Our biggest news of the summer was A New Era Begins: Our Strategic Partnership with Zenger Folkman. If you were on summer vacation and missed many of my blogs […]

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Health and Safety Lessons Learned from Barrick Gold

Over the years I’ve written about how Barrick Gold dramatically improved their safety record. They went from being a typical international mining company with the industry’s sad record of deaths and injuries to one of the leaders in their field. With Courageous Safety Leadership at the center of their major culture change, Barrick reduced total […]

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Leadership and Culture for Higher Safety Performance

Improving organizational health and safety is like motherhood. Everyone is in favor of it. Vision, values, and mission statements abound with warm words about its importance. Who doesn’t agree with slogans like “everyone going home safe and healthy every day”? Only the most twisted executive or manager wants to hurt anyone. Yet many organizations are […]

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Silence Kills: Are You Fostering Cowardly Communication?

I just came across a Corporate Executive Board (CEB) study showing the incredible penalties and pay-offs of good and bad communication practices. A survey of 300,000 employees shows that open and honest communication pays huge dividends to companies with transparent cultures. A CEB poll found that nearly half of executive teams don’t get critical information […]

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Lasting Culture Change Means Going Beyond Passionate Lip Service to Involved Leadership

We are working with four executive teams this fall who are looking to implement major new initiatives aimed at dramatically shifting their organizational culture and performance. One is a large international retailer completely revamping their entire supply chain process. Another is a major global mining company determined to dramatically boost their safety performance. A mid-sized […]

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Leadership for a Healthier and Safer Workplace – Podcast Now Available

There are very few strictly “health or safety problems.” But there are many leadership and organizational culture problems that show up in accidents, sickness, absenteeism, conflict, stress, and other symptoms of ineffectiveness. Like incompetent doctors, ineffective managers often make people sicker. Research shows that workers are three times more likely to experience accidents in a […]

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Courageous Safety Leadership in Turbulent Times: The Economic Moment of Truth for Safety Commitment

We’ve been working with Don Ritz, (VP Safety and Health), Bruce Huber (Director, Safety and Health), and their highly dedicated team at Barrick Gold for the past five years. It’s been a real treat because everyone is so deeply committed to building a much safer company in an industry with a bad safety record. During […]

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