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Don’t be Fooled into Focusing on Weaknesses

April 1 as April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day can be traced back to the Roman festival of Hilaria and the Medieval Feast of Fools or the Feast of the Ass dating from the fifth century in various European countries. In 1392, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is set in on March 32 or April Fool’s […]

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Quit Working, Diminish Your Fears, and Open Up for Growth

When I moved down the street from a grocery store job to a career in sales that eventually led me into this field, the president of the company made a comment that became a career goal and life beacon for me: “When you love what you’re doing, you never have to work again.”   This […]

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Don’t Be Fooled: Why Most Training Fails

The Danish philosopher, theologian, and psychologist, Søren Kierkegaard once observed, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t so. The other is to refuse to believe what is so.” For centuries, April 1 has been celebrated in many countries with pranks, hoaxes, and practical jokes. Wikipedia has a fascinating collection […]

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