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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop Now Available Online

Traditional assessments and needs analysis look for gaps. And most 360 feedback tools focus on finding and fixing weaknesses. This often leads to: Participants feeling beat up by feedback reports Negative response or avoidance of 360 multi-rater feedback tools Erosion of confidence Defensiveness and fear of making mistakes Data denial and feedback phobia Working on […]

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Building Leadership Strengths 2 – 3 Times More Effective Than Fixing Weaknesses

In a chapter entitled “Making Strength Productive” in his 1967 book The Effective Executive, the “father of modern management,” Peter Drucker writes, “You cannot build performance on weaknesses. You can build only on strengths. To focus on weakness is not only foolish; it is irresponsible. It is a misuse of a human resource as what […]

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You Are Here: Multiple Feedback Points Locate our Leadership Skills

We’re currently facilitating a customized version of The Extraordinary Leader development sessions with hundreds of supervisors and managers in an organization using just self-assessments. Executives in this company had very negative past experiences with using 360 feedback assessments. They agreed that those experiences came from the all too common weaknesses-based approach grounding most 360 feedback […]

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