Jim Clemmer Culture podcast with Zenger Folkman

What are the key leadership trends of the past year? How’s leadership different in Canada? How can a culture be changed? What are the greatest leadership lessons of my career? These are a few of the simple and easy questions BreAnne Okoren asked me in a recent podcast…

Right….all quick, easy, and simple issues! BreAnne and I skipped over a few of these massive icebergs as we touched briefly on these huge topic areas in a 17-minute podcast. In 5 Steps to Shift Your Company Culture, we discussed:

  • Leadership trends emerging from our very difficult past year
  • Differences in Canadian approaches to leadership. I think I saw a moose…
  • Drawing from my recent, ahem, blog, Is Your Team Coughing Up a Cultural Hairball?, we discussed these five key steps to shifting culture:
    1. Assess current systems, practices, culture, and readiness for change
    2. Leadership team planning strategy session
    3. Realign/integrate/prune current projects, processes, systems, and development initiatives
    4. Plan implementation strategies and timeliness
    5. Monitor, follow up, and adjust implementation plans
  • Approaches to building a safety culture with mining companies that caused fatalities and injuries to drop by over 60%
  • The three key questions at the core of personal, team, and organizational leadership
  • How my interest in positive psychology and how strength-building led me to Zenger Folkman
  • One of my favorite quotes on leadership

Of course, quick and easy don’t belong in the same sentence as boosting leadership and culture effectiveness. After decades of research and seeing what works and what doesn’t, there are a few timeless leadership principles capping the tips of those enormous icebergs.