Unlocking Your Career Highs Again and AgainWhat’s your combination of strengths or competence, passion, and organizational need for your work? Are you playing to your strengths and filling an organizational need, but it’s a real chore and your heart isn’t in your work? Then you’re likely serving time in “day prison.”

What if you’re doing work you love, and it plays to your strengths but it’s not serving an organizational purpose? Your work might be a professional hobby. That’s a dangerous place to be when payroll costs are being tightly scrutinized.

Think back to a career high when you were performing at your peak. You may have been high for days, weeks, or even months (without ingesting anything). You achieved something significant on the job. It’s a time you look back on fondly as a career highlight.

Your career high likely resulted from being “in the zone” or sweet spot at the intersection of your strengths, passion, and organizational needs. Many personal development plans fail or careers slide off track from misalignment of these key factors. This has been documented by positive psychology research behind the PERMA framework (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment) that leads to flourishing lives.

How do we create extraordinary work experiences that can be repeated again and again? Discovering purpose in our work drives personal satisfaction and organizational success. Unfortunately, we often allow ourselves to go too long without it.

On May 24, Jack Zenger and Joyce Palevitz are providing a complimentary 45 minute webinar and interactive learning experience. During this webinar you will participate in a personal assessment that will indicate if you are primed for a career high or headed for a danger zone. Use your assessment results, delivered live during the webinar, to discover the actions that will lead to your next extraordinary work experience. Click on The Key to Unlocking Your Career Highs Again and Again! for details and registration.