Zenger Folkman Leadership Summit
Is your organization looking to?

  • Change your culture by improving leadership development
  • Define extraordinary leadership in the digital age
  • Create a feedback driven culture
  • Leverage internal talent for better results
  • Integrate talent management and HR processes
  • Increase the coachability of your workforce
  • Make the most of hidden pools of talent
  • Boldly drive a high-performing leadership culture

Leadership and culture development are top priorities for most organizations. Yet study after study shows most efforts are failing to shift behavior and lift performance. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Zenger Folkman has been on the leading edge of big changes in talent management with many large and innovative global companies. On November 7 and 8 ZF is hosting another Leadership Summit at Robert Redford’s Sundance Mountain Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is a rare chance to mingle with and learn from Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman, senior ZF leaders, and talent development leaders from General Foods and Celgene. You can learn about the latest research, hearing living case studies, explore new approaches with participants from around the world, and sharpen your development toolkit. In addition to the two-day Leadership Summit, you can also attend The Extraordinary Leader, The Extraordinary Coach, Leadership Levers, BOLD Leadership, or Leadership Speed. And you might want to be certified to deliver The Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment Certification or The Extraordinary Coach workshops.

Zenger Folkman’s Leadership Summit is an unusual opportunity to meet and engage with some of the world’s top thought leaders and luminaries in the human performance industry. New research provides the foundation for each speaker presentation. Working sessions follow during which attendees and speakers gather in groups for brainstorming and group activities. A unifying summary provides deeper understanding of new ideas and solutions.  Having attended many ZF Summits, I know that attendees are inspired by fresh insights and tools, and will leave each session with actionable plans to leverage new concepts immediately back on the job.

You likely won’t spot The Sundance Kid himself — and definitely not Butch Cassidy — strolling the grounds, but the Sundance Resort Redford built with the movie money is a uniquely natural and beautiful venue you won’t find in most conference centers or hotels.

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