How to Deliver Outstanding Results AND Build Strong RelationshipsWhich is more important:

  • Achieving goals/commitments or building trust?
  • Successfully following through on objectives or fostering teamwork and cooperation?
  • Delivering quarterly objectives or building a strong culture?
  • Hitting production targets or ensuring no one is injured on the job?
  • Pushing people toward higher performance or pulling inspired efforts from them?

Zenger Folkman’s recent research shows that 71% of people rated “drives for results” highest compared to 29% rating “people skills” most important. To choose one or the other is to fall headlong into the tyranny-of-the-OR trap. That severely limits our possibilities and reduces effectiveness.

The American writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, said “the test of first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still be able to function.” Leadership research is now showing that the very best leaders thrive in “the AND zone.” They deliver outstanding results through people and they develop people who deliver outstanding results.

But how? What is the secret? What do leaders who are highly-skilled at delivering results and building positive relationships do that is different? To find the answer, Zenger Folkman analyzed their expansive database and discovered six “behavioral bridges” that differentiated these leaders. A behavioral bridge is a capability that enables leaders to achieve both results and positive relationships.

Joe Folkman’s webinar, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! — What Leaders Can Do To Deliver Superior Results and Build Positive Relationships shows the results of his new research, and he also explains:

  • The multiplier effect of both skill sets on leader effectiveness.
  • The six behaviors that can be learned to bridge the gap between driving for results and people skills.
  • The keys to inspiring and motivating others.
  • A self-assessment tool ZF has made available to test your preference to push or pull.
  • The paradox of satisfaction and effort.
  • The impact of integrity and trust on results.
  • The value of coaching others and your own coachability.

Click here to view this webinar now. Find out why Joe says, “You can have it all — you can increase your ability to deliver outstanding results and also improve your relationships with team members. The key is utilizing the Six Behavioral Bridges.”