Developing More Women Leaders60 percent of companies facing leadership shortages that impede their performance. 31 percent say developing leaders is their largest talent issue. And 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day.

Despite such a pressing need for leadership development, many organizations are significantly overlooking or under developing women. Zenger Folkman has been tracking differences in leadership effectiveness for nearly two decades. ZF’s data consistently show that women leaders are rated significantly more effective than men. And the increased effectiveness of women leaders rises as they move from middle to top management roles.

ZF’s survey of 7,280 leaders in some of the most successful and progressive organizations in the world confirms some long-held assumptions about gender differences in leaders in the workplace… and holds some surprises!

Jack Zenger recently presented a 40-minute webinar on The Urgency of Developing More Women Leaders! – How to Leverage Their Unique Strengths.

During this webinar Jack discusses:

  1. The fallacy of stereotypes that would have us believe that female leaders only excel at certain competencies
  2. The research that shows at every level, women were rated as better overall leaders than their male counterparts and why that might occur
  3. The possible rationale for why men outscored women significantly on only one management competence in this survey
  4. Conclusions from the research about what organizations, leaders and managers should do with these findings

As Jack concludes, this is a serious issue for broad economic, corporate, and moral reasons. The many causes are complex and solutions aren’t quick fixes. Good information can help to lay the groundwork for change. Organizations must begin to change their cultures and practices. And women can take steps to help themselves.

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