How Coachable Are You and Your LeadersOften a “dragon investor” on the Dragon’s Den TV show or a “shark investor” on the Shark Tank show will decide not to invest in a hopeful contestant’s company because he or she feels the budding entrepreneur isn’t “coachable.” An article in Entrepreneur magazine on how to attract venture capital investors lists coachability as one of the key factors. Examples abound of professional athletes upping his or her game to elite levels by seeking out and acting on coaching advice.

Coachability is also a major factor in leadership effectiveness. Zenger Folkman reviewed 360 feedback on 51,642 leaders to assess how perceptions from direct reports, peers, their manager, and others of their self-development practices correlated with their overall leadership effectiveness. The differences were stark. The very least coachable in the bottom 10% were about 9 times less effective leaders than the top 10%. Even leaders with average coachability were about half as effective as highly coachable leaders.

Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman present a 45-minute webinar on Coachability. How Coachable Are Your Leaders? They’re joined by Kevin Wilde, former head of talent and learning at General Mills and General Electric.

The webinar covers:

  • Coachability by nine box placement results
  • Coachability among those designated as high potentials
  • Coachability by age and management level
  • The links between a leader’s coachability and engagement of his or her direct reports
  • How circumstances and organizational practices reduce coachability
  • How senior leaders can get honest feedback
  • 8 attitudes that make people more coachable

How coachable are you? How about your leaders? When scheduled into a leadership development event or coaching process are your leaders prisoners, tourists, or learners? It’s been said that no one should ever try to teach a pig to whistle. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Are development dollars being wasted on uncoachable leaders?

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