Tango of Speed and QualityStart the New Year learning how to tango!

Many leaders believe it’s a trade-off; you can do it fast or you can do it right, but you can’t have both. Drawing from assessments of 75,000 global leaders Zenger Folkman proves that while many believe it can’t be done, the best leaders are already doing it. They found leaders rated in the top ten percent are dancing the tango of speed and quality much better than their peers.

As outlined in their just published book, Speed: How Leaders Accelerate Successful Execution, those extraordinary leaders are helping their organizations increase competitiveness, profitability, productivity, get new products to market faster, make changes quicker, and are on top of the latest information.

In their 45 minute webinar on demand,  The Tango of Speed and Quality – The Key to Achieving Both!, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman:

  • Define what leadership speed means and why it’s becoming so critical today.
  • Show the powerful impact of doing things fast AND doing things right.
  • How leadership speed correlates to employee engagement, productivity, and other organizational results.
  • Help you determine your preferred PACE based on scales of quality/quantity and patience/impatience.
  • Answer the vital question; how can I improve my speed?
  • Outline what they discovered were the highly differentiating behaviors of leaders most highly rated in consistently delivering both speed and quality.
  • Provide key steps to deciding where to focus improvement efforts to increase speed and effectiveness.
  • Identify seven unique factors that improve speed and quality.

If you thought last year went by at blazing speed, there’s a good chance we ain’t seen nothing yet! The pace of change and pressure to move fast isn’t likely to slow down in 2017. The tango beat is pulsating ever quicker.

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