Our Most Popular Leadership WorkshopOf all our custom keynotes and workshops topics, the most popular continues to be variations of Leading @ the Speed of Change. One reason for that is in today’s fast-moving world it’s easy to be overwhelmed by rapid changes and difficult problems.

While we can’t control the changes, we can manage our response. It’s not what happens to us but what we do about it — how we respond — that makes a world of difference. It’s all about perspective or how we frame difficult situations. These critical choices then ripple out to how we help or hinder others dealing with constantly shifting conditions.

Today, more than ever, organizations look to everyone, at all levels, to think and act like leaders. Leadership is clearly the key to success. Strengthening leadership skills to build high-performing management teams and organizational cultures has always been important.

Reflecting on dozens of interactive keynotes and workshops the following themes emerge so consistently that they now form the outline of many of our workshops:

  • Leadership is an action, not a position – it’s our behavior and not our role that determines leadership
  • Change or be Changed – If the rate of external change exceeds our rate of internal change, we’re going to be changed
  • Lead, Follow, or Wallow – these are critical choices in how we frame and deal with challenges and opportunities
  • Finding the Right Balance – it’s vital to understand the critical differences and intertwined relationship of technical, management, and leadership and assess our “as is” compared to our “should be”
  • Soft Skills, Hard Results – emotional intelligence, engagement, perceptions, and energy are powerful catalysts propelling teams and organizations to peak performance
  • Assessing and Strengthening Timeless Leadership Principles:
    • Energizing through vision, values, and mission
    • Increasing influence outward and upward
    • Fostering greater openness and transparency
    • Boosting staff engagement and empowerment
    • Deepening organizational spirit and strengthening teamwork
    • Growing others with powerful coaching practices
    • Inspiring extra effort and outstanding performance
  • Positive Psychology and Leveraging Strengths – mindfulness and fresh research on strengths-based approaches provides maps to new pathways to personal, team, and organization effectiveness
  • Development Planning – we need to build personalized improvement plans with a high degree of energy and follow through

How are you or your team/organization doing at implementing these principles? Developing a leaderful organization calls for leveraging crucial tools and transforming mindsets and behaviors to deal with our rapid pace of change and uncertainty.

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