Developing Hidden Reservoirs of TalentHow important are these six skills to leadership effectiveness? Which ones are most effective and should be developed?

Innovation: encouraging new ideas and solutions through creative approaches

Relationships: developing strong relationships built on trust, respect, and consideration

Acumen: acquiring knowledge and skills to be at the cutting edge of business practices

Inspiration: motivating others to perform at their highest potential

Strategic Vision: communicating a clear vision to accomplish key objectives

Execution: consistently delivering extraordinary results

Are you tempted to fly off in all directions at once and try to develop all of them?

Zenger Folkman studied their database of over one million leadership assessments to identify the leadership skills providing the highest leverage. These six emerged with the highest impact.

The research also showed that raising just one of these skills from good to great moves the leader’s effectiveness from the 39th to the 72nd percentile. Increasing three of these leadership levers catapults a leader to the top 10 percent of all leaders.

Which skill should a leader develop? What leadership development should organizations provide?

In their new white paper, Discovering and Developing Hidden Reservoirs of Talent, ZF executives show that leadership leverage comes from helping leaders find their “sweet spot” at the intersection of their strengths, passion, and organizational need for their role. They have strong evidence that this taps into hidden reservoirs of talent often underdeveloped.

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