Herd Immunity and Leadership DevelopmentHow many of these common problems with leadership development apply to your organization:

  • Not tied to organizational strategies.
  • Separating reflection and insight from real work.
  • Development requires behavior change but uses unproven methods
  • Lack of managerial involvement.
  • Lack of measurement.
  • Lack of follow-up and sustainment.
  • Focused on the individual, not on leadership team and changing the culture.

This week I am attending Zenger Folkman’s Leadership Summit in Salt Lake City. This is my fifth year attending this international conference. It’s a great time to reconnect and recharge, hear Client experiences, work with international ZF partners, and learn about new research and leadership development programs.

Jack Zenger presented his latest thinking and research on Herd Immunity and Leadership Development. I first started working with Jack in 1981 when he co-owned and led Zenger Miller and I co-owned and led The Achieve Group. Our companies were partners until the early 1990s and I attended many ZM conferences during that decade. In 2012 Jack and I formed a renewed partnership with our current companies, Zenger Folkman and The CLEMMER Group.

Jack continues to provide deep insights and research on the fast-evolving field of leadership development. This presentation is based on substantial agreement that the objectives for ideal leadership development include acquiring new skills and self-awareness, immediate implementation of these skills, and long-term sustainment of that behavior change.

During this Summit keynote address Jack discussed:

  • The several actions that some organizations undertake and how these combine to create long-lasting change.
  • Evidence of how many companies fail to practice the basic principle of herd immunity by involving only a handful of a large population, and the consequences that follow as a result.
  • Examples of new sustainment tools that have been developed and how they can be used to better fulfill the objectives of leadership development.

Click here to view the webinar – and build your herd immunity!