3rd Canadian Conference on Positive PsychologyFor the past few decades I’ve followed the ground-breaking work of Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania. Based on his extensive research, articles and books, and his 1998 term as elected president of The American Psychological Association he’s now considered the founder of the burgeoning new field of positive psychology. This is defined as “the science of happiness, well-being, and what makes life worth living.”

A central approach in positive psychology is building on our strengths instead of focusing on our weaknesses, gaps, and what’s not going well. My posts on “Positive Psychology, Strengths, and Leadership” and “Strengths, Positivity, and Halo Effects” provides more background on Seligman’s work, this new field of study, and my deep and abiding interest in these approaches.

In “Re-Fired with Building Strengths” I reviewed how positive psychology led to our partnership with Zenger Folkman and The Extraordinary Leader strengths-based leadership development system.

I am really looking forward to attending and presenting at the 3rd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario on June 15 to 17. I am presenting “A Strengths-Based Leadership Development Approach That’s 2 – 3 Times More Effective.” Much of what I’ll cover was in my recent webinar Ground-Breaking New Approaches to Leadership and Coaching Development.

This conference has over 100 positive psychology experts in five main streams. These include research, education and schools, counselling and psychotherapy, coaching, and organizational consulting/HR. Keynote speakers include:

  • Lea Waters on Strengths-Based Parenting
  • Barbara Frederickson on Prioritizing Positivity
  • Kim Cameron on Developing Positive Leadership Practices
  • David Cooperrider on The Discovery and Design of Positive Institutions, and
  • Caroline Adams Miller on Authentic Grit: Your Secret to Happiness and Success

Go to Exhilarate 2016: Learn it! Live it! for more information. I hope to see you there!