Team Building and Culture DevelopmentWe’ve recorded a webinar on Executive Team Building and Culture Development  that you can access in our archive now.

Here’s what we cover:

Strategic Organization/Culture Development:

  • Building a common understanding/framework for leading change
  • Leadership is an action, not a position: Developing a culture with leaders at all levels
  • Balancing “hard” management systems/processes with “soft” leadership/people issues
  • Clarifying/revitalizing vision and core values
  • Lip service to leadership: Key behaviors to ripple throughout the culture
  • Team and organizational strengths to leverage and where the biggest shifts/changes are needed
  • Strategic Imperatives: Implementation planning around a few core initiatives

Leadership and Organization Development:

  • The leadership skills with the biggest impact on performance
  • Building and leveraging strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses — unless a “fatal flaw” must be addressed
  • Using a simplified and strengths-based 360 leadership assessment for feedback that’s much better received and acted on than traditional 360 tools
  • Developing “leadership sweet spots” that intersect strengths, passions, and an organization’s need for development plans with much higher commitment
  • Applying an evidence-based, cross-training methodology to building leadership skills from good to great
  • Setting personal and team leadership development plans

Coaching and Organization Development

  • The vital difference between training, mentoring, and coaching
  • The exponential impact of coaching skills on performance
  • Common coaching traps
  • How the four step FUEL framework guides coaching conversations and boosts performance impact
  • Building a coaching culture
  • Providing crucial reinforcing and redirecting feedback for greater growth and development

Team Building

  • Working ON the team versus IN the team
  • Understanding team dynamics and dysfunctional team behavior
  • “Moose Hunting” with courageous conversations to address key team and organizational barriers
  • Using team norms/ground rules to reduce conflicts, silos, and fragmentation
  • Assessing and planning what the team should Keep, Start, and Stop Doing
  • Avoiding The Meeting Sinkhole and taming The E-mail Beast

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