Leadership, Coaching, and Culture ChecklistWhy does study after study continue to show that 70% of leadership, culture, change, and other improvement efforts fail?

There are many factors contributing to this persistently low success rate. The biggest element is leadership and organization culture. These two intertwined factors continually show up as the critical X factors. “Soft” leadership and culture boosts or blocks strategy, structure, and change initiatives.

We’re now working on a webinar that pulls together and summarizes our decades of research and Client experiences on this critical issue. The big challenge is how to condense and share our key learning in 60 minutes.

This checklist has emerged from this work:

  • Are you building a “leaderful” organization with everyone highly energized and engaged?
  • Is your team/organization proactively changing so there’s little danger of being changed?
  • Does your team or organization balance the discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a base of effective people leadership?
  • Are you maximizing customers’ perception of value by integrating with a systematic and strategic approach to customer service/quality?
  • Do you have an evidence-based methodology to help leaders identify and magnify their strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses?
  • Do you help leaders map out and leverage powerful combinations like drive for results and technical analytical skills with interpersonal skills and developing people?
  • Do you have a process for building exceptional leadership and coaching skills in your organization?
  • Is your team/organization culture boosting rather than blocking change and improvement efforts?
  • Are your leadership and culture change efforts moving beyond partial and piecemeal programs to integration and alignment?
  • Are your vision, core values, and purpose/mission linked to leadership behaviors and well lived throughout your organization?
  • Do you have a culture of courageous conversations to raise and address issues before they quietly stifle performance?
  • Do you have an integrated framework for assessment, planning, and implementation of your change and development efforts?

The more key factors you can check off, the higher the likelihood that your leadership, coaching, or culture development efforts will be successful. Pass the checklist around to your team for their input. For even higher honesty, you could make it anonymous through a tool like SurveyMonkey. You can take complete this assessment online here.

View the recorded webinar Essential Building Blocks for Leadership, Coaching, and Culture Development now. I cover three main foundational sections:

  • Frameworks for moving from Inspiration to Application,
  • Elevating Leadership and Coaching Strengths, and
  • Strengthening People and Processes for Culture and Organization Development.