Webinar: The 6 Leadership Levers that Drive Extraordinary ResultsPeriodically I search Amazon’s web site to see how many books are now available on leadership. There are now 150,000. That’s up from just over 120,000 when I last searched a few months ago.

The overwhelming number of leadership theories, models, frameworks, and skills makes it very hard to know where to invest development time and effort. Competency models can draw from leadership behaviors that can run into the dozens.

Zenger Folkman’s ongoing research and quest for simplifying the complex topic of leadership development has uncovered powerful new insights.

6 Leadership Levers that Drive Extraordinary Results

Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman shared their insights on the six leadership levers in a complimentary webinar that also covered:

  • The impact of these leadership levers on employee engagement
  • How profound strength in any 3 of these leadership attributes take a leader to the top 10% of leadership effectiveness and results
  • How a fatal flaw in just one of these attributes drops leadership effectiveness to the bottom 15%
  • Non-linear development is the only way to move leadership skills from good to great
  • Why building strengths doubles improvement in leadership effectiveness versus fixing weaknesses
  • How to use the CPO model (Competence, Passion, and Organizational Need) when deciding what leadership attribute to develop

Click to view the webinar now: The 6 Leadership Levers That Drive Extraordinary Performance and leverage your leadership development.