Reversing 9 Attributes of Cynical CulturesHow many of these points apply to your organization?

  • High “snicker factor” on your vision, values, or mission statements
  • Declining or stagnant employee engagement levels
  • Absenteeism and “mental health days”
  • Difficulty attracting or hanging on to top talent
  • Waning or plateaued Client/Customer satisfaction
  • Resistance to change
  • Weak trust and teamwork
  • Less than stellar service/quality levels
  • Good but not great health and safety

These are attributes of a mediocre or even cynical organization culture. Unfortunately, they’re increasingly common as organizations struggle with financial pressures, rapidly changing market conditions, globalization, shifting workforce demographics and attitudes, new technologies, and ever more demanding customers.

To counterbalance these negative trends would you like to:

  • Intertwine strong leadership skills and a powerful culture?
  • Improve leadership/culture development for higher change and transformation?
  • Align team/organization culture change and development programs to boost performance outcomes?
  • Learn key implementation steps to move you much closer to your desired culture?

These are a few of the key points I addressed in my Leading a Peak Performance Culture webcast (you can view it on demand). Tomorrow we publish my June blog posts in the July issue of The Leader Letter.  This issue pulls together different elements of the leadership and culture development topics touched on in that webcast. And since “Thoughts That Make You Go hmmm…” is always popular and there are so many insightful perspectives from our research on organizational culture, we’ve given you a double helping.

Every team and organization has a culture. The key questions are: what’s your current culture, how do you know, and is it by design?

I hope you’ve been finding ideas and actions in my blog posts to sharpen your leadership and shape your culture.