Leading a Peak Performance Culture WebcastWith over 500 sites from many countries tuned to our one hour webcast last week it’s clear that Leading a Peak Performance Culture is a topic with lots of interest. You can now view the full archived webcast by clicking here.

During this fast-paced session I gave a high altitude, jet speed overview of a large amount of leadership and organization development territory. Here are links to more information within the five topic areas I covered:

1. How Culture Boosts or Blocks Peak Performance

2. Soft Skills, Hard Results

3. Beyond Partial and Piecemeal Programs

4. Steps to Desired Culture

5. Typical Implementation Steps

Some of the research on culture I cited in this webcast came from McKinsey & Company’s ten year global study and major literature review. A key conclusion was “What we might think of as the usual suspects — inadequate resources, poor planning, bad ideas, unpredictable external events — turn out to account for less than a third of change program failures … more than 70 percent of failures are driven by what we would categorize as poor organizational health, as manifested in such symptoms as negative employee attitudes and unproductive management behavior … taking deliberate steps to move the needle on the soft stuff is a vital element in organizational transformations, though it’s often overlooked.”