Kevin Wilde, General Foods, Chief Learning OfficerNext month’s Extraordinary Leadership Summit and Coaching Symposium will be the fourth one I’ve participated in since forming our partnership with Zenger Folkman. Three intense and powerful days of workshops, Client presentations, panels, and discussion groups provides a rare chance to hear about the latest leadership, coaching, and organization development research and practices.

We’re especially pleased that Kevin Wilde is back again. Kevin is VP Organization Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer at General Mills. Fortune magazine holds up the company as a shining example of leadership development; “consider General Mills, prospering in the fiercely competitive food industry. Its famously demanding leadership culture hasn’t wavered, and the company ranks No. 21 on’s new list of the 25 companies where it’s hardest to get hired.”   — a company recognized as one of the top 25 in leadership development in the U.S. and one of ZF’s longest term Clients.

At a Summit two years ago Kevin and I had a long drive to the airport together and chatted at length about his pioneering work with Zenger Folkman’s Extraordinary Leader process when it was just coming into use. In the Foreword to How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths,  Kevin wrote of the meeting he had with his skeptical CEO when they were considering Zenger Folkman’s strengths-based leadership development approach. Kevin replied, “While some need to concentrate on fatal flaws, most of our leaders would be wasting their time making small, incremental improvements on a few, below-average scores that may not matter in the long run … if we concentrate all our efforts getting everyone to average, that is what we will achieve — a company of average leaders … we needed exceptional leaders with profound strengths that matter.”

If you attend this year’s Summit you will also learn from the ground-breaking leadership development approaches used by General Motors (Bill Huffaker, Global Director of Talent Management and Acquisition), McKesson (Andrew Wilhelms, Director, Management and Leadership Development and Michelle Freiberg, Director, Talent Assessment), and Salam International Investment LTD, (Suleiman AL-Khateeb, Executive Director, Corporate Strategic Planning & HR).

And you can participate in our research-based and practical workshops; The Extraordinary CoachThe Extraordinary Leader (includes our 360 assessment), Elevating Feedback, or Developing Yourself as a Coach (includes our 360 coaching skills assessment).

Brad Smith, our Director of Client Development, and I would also welcome a chance to chat with you about what you’re learning and how you can apply the powerful leadership development and coaching approaches from this Summit.

Go to Extraordinary Leadership Summit and Coaching Symposium for more information. We hope to see there.