Powerful Combinations Video
How do you build a leadership strength from good to great? How do you sustain energy and endurance to keep working at developing leadership skills until others notice a substantial improvement? How do you ensure the leadership skill you’re developing is most relevant to what the organization needs or expects from you?

The answers to these questions form a “leadership sweet spot” where strong leadership competence, personal passion (what skills we most love to use), and the highest ranked leadership skills for an individual converge. In the first part of a video clip on Powerful Strengths Combinations I give a two minute background and summary of this key concept in leadership cross-training to decide what skill to develop.

Have you ever caught yourself or heard others ask “would you like results or strong relationships and teamwork?” Many managers see this combination as an either/or choice. Our research shows it’s an example of a very powerful combination. When leaders are able to do both very well their effectiveness and outcomes (employee engagement, retention rates, service levels, safety, quality, profitability) often soar to the top 10%. In the second two minutes of Powerful Strengths Combinations I recap the powerful combination of Drives for Results and Builds Relationships.

If you would like more information on both of these approaches and combinations click on these links: