How Developing a Coaching Culture Pays OffMost people know that the difference between incompetent coaches and extraordinary coaches is huge. What’s often more surprising are these big differences between OK or mediocre coaching at the 50th percentile and outstanding coaching skills at the 90th percentile:

  • 28% versus 46% of employees willing to “go the extra mile.”
  • Employee commitment jumps from the 58th to the 89th percentile.
  • A drop from 35% to 22% of employees thinking about quitting.
  • An increase from 3.4 to 4.6 on a 5 point scale in response to “I am giving a real opportunity to improve my skills in the company.”
  • A leap in “overall, I feel my immediate supervisor is doing a good job” from 3.6 to 4.7 on a five point scale.

These results are reported in our newly published white paper How Developing a Coaching Culture Pays Off. Once you’re registered on our site it’s now available for free download.

You’ll also find insights on these steps to creating a coaching culture:

  1. Setting Clear Expectations
  2. Create a Process to Follow
  3. Provide Skill Training
  4. Organize Systemically
  5. Monitor and Measure

We discovered that leaders who received high scores on productivity improvement also scored high in 10 correlated behaviors that appeared to drive productivity. Of the 10 behaviors, we concluded that coaching had a direct bearing on 7 of them. They are:

  1. Resolve Problems Speedily
  2. Emphasize Continual Improvement
  3. Show Respect for Individuals
  4. Handle Performance Issues Positively
  5. Provide Extensive Coaching
  6. Developing People
  7. Inspire Others

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