coachingdefined-195.jpgI’ve written extensively about coaching skills development. Many of my leadership books have full chapters on coaching and developing. We have also designed and delivered numerous coaching skills development workshops.

Two years before we formed a strategic partnership with Zenger Folkman I reviewed their new book, The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow. It was (and is) by far the best book on coaching available.

Now that I’ve been delivering The Extraordinary Coach workshops for the past few years I’ve been even more impressed by the ground breaking approach Zenger Folkman has developed. A key distinction at the foundation of The Extraordinary Coach is clarifying the difference between training, mentoring, and coach. Most people confuse and intertwine the three approaches. Pulling them apart and using a four step FUEL model for coaching is proving to be highly effective.

In a three minute video clip, The Difference between Training, Mentoring, and Coaching, I give an overview of this vital distinction and explain the four steps of the FUEL model to guide more effective coaching conversations.

I am delivering public workshops of The Extraordinary Coach in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto in December. These one-day sessions (our two-day version includes our newly revised Elevating Feedback module as well as a specific strengths-based 360 coaching assessment) create the most dramatic shifts in thinking and participant skills that I’ve ever seen happen.

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