Webinar on 8 Critical Behaviors that Leverage AccountabilityDuring one of my workshops we were discussing keys to building responsibility and ownership. One participant told us that he and his wife had their four year old grandson, Tyler, stay overnight at their house. In the morning he came running down the stairs and reported, “Grandma, Grandpa, somebody peed in my bed!”

Kids will often avoid taking responsibility for their behaviors — especially if they fear punishment or ridicule. This often extends into young siblings or classmates playing “the blame game” as they point fingers at others to avoid being seen as the guilty person for a problem.

Ownership and accountability is a key issue in today’s organizations. Whether people embrace ownership and take responsibility for their individual and team performance is highly dependent on leadership. Self-accountability is really all there is. Getting people to take personal ownership is the only way to avoid the blame game.  Leadership is the critical factor in fostering accountability or finger pointing.

Imagine a team or organization where everyone takes responsibility for achieving good results. An organization or team where people have a personal sense of ownership, and there is little finger-pointing when things go wrong. When a leader is able to inspire accountability in others, it not only better leverages leadership, but would significantly increase organizational results.

Zenger Folkman’s research has discovered eight critical behaviors that leverage accountability. These behaviors create a greater sense of accountability in others. They help to raise the bar on leadership effectiveness.

Joe Folkman covered these points in his webinar 8 Critical Behaviors that Leverage Accountability: (click title to view)

  • The 8 BEHAVIORS that increase accountability
  • How we can get better at inspiring and motivating
  • How to improve accountability within organizations