Webinar on Developing Extraordinary Leaders and CoachesLast week I delivered a fast-paced webcast addressing the serious talent gap impeding many organizations. As I outlined at the beginning of the webcast, research shows:

• 70% of executives think their organization lacks adequate bench strength.
• 97% of organizations report serious leadership gaps — 40% say these are severe.
• 65 to 75% of current senior management will be eligible to retire by 2020.
• 40% of leaders hired from outside are pushed out or leave 18 months after joining an organization.
• 60% of companies face leadership shortages that impede their performance.
• 31% say developing leaders is their largest talent issue.

Clearly there aren’t any quick and easy answers to the big talent crunch. Through our strategic partnership with Zenger Folkman and their deep talent management research we’re pioneering and delivering powerful new approaches to engagement, leadership development, succession/career planning, and coaching effectiveness.

I packed a lot of information into a very quick moving 60 minute webcast that covered:

• The dangers of the growing talent gap and how to avoid them.
• Why current development approaches aren’t filling the leadership pipeline.
• Key leadership and performer competencies that have the greatest impact on productivity, engagement, turnover, sales, customer service, safety, and profitability.
• How to outperform by building on strengths rather than focusing on weakness.
• How to make 360 assessments 2-3 times more effective and a positive experience.
• How cross-training moves leaders and performers from good to great.
• Six steps to developing extraordinary coaching skills.

Click Facing a Talent Gap? to view the webcast.