Taming the email beastE-mail continues to be a huge challenge for many leaders. In our workshops, leaders often assess how much time they spend dealing with technical, management, and leadership issues and where they’d prefer to invest their time (“Check Your Balance with the Performance Triangle“). Every poll we’ve ever taken with participants shows that 80 – 90% want to increase the time they spend in leadership.

As discussions go deeper into what’s getting in the way of leadership, e-mail is quickly identified as one of the biggest problems. Most leaders complain about hours of their days being sucked into the e-mail vortex. It doesn’t have to be that way. Research shows that highly effective leaders aren’t managed by their inbox and use e-mail much more effectively than everyone else.

Click here to view a short video clip of me providing a few quick E-mail Tips for Leaders.

When untamed, The E-mail Beast can be a time sucking vampire drawing the life out of our day and taking us away from more vital leadership practices. Click on the following links for more tips and techniques:

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May you find the courage and approaches to tame the beast and regain control of your leadership time.