Webinar on Developing Extraordinary Leaders and CoachesLast month we had over 500 sites from 30 countries registered for my 60 minute webinar on Building Leadership Skills and Coaching Culture. The webinar was divided into two sections. The first half outlined Five Keys to Building Extraordinary Leaders. The second part was on Six Keys to Building a Coaching Culture with Exceptional Leaders.

Over a third of attendees completed our post-webcast survey. One question was, “What points from today’s webinar did you find the most useful?” Overwhelmingly participants cited the research on building strengths rather than fixing weaknesses as a key learning. As just discussed in my last two blogs I showed research on the “halo effect” of towering strengths elevating leaders from good to great. Here’s a slide showing this exponential impact of lopsided (as opposed to well-rounded) leaders:

Strengths-Based Leadership Most Effective

In the coaching section of the webcast a large majority of participants mentioned this distinction as being a key point for them:

Development Distinctions

The archived webinar is now available for you to watch. Click here to access it. Drop me an e-mail at Jim.Clemmer@Clemmergroup.com with your feedback or questions. Join our Strengths-Based Leadership Development LinkedIn discussion group for a deeper look at this revolutionary approach.

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