Webinar on Developing Extraordinary Leaders and Coaches
A few weeks ago my blog post on “Talent Management: Developing Strengths of Individual Contributors” reviewed 4 key reasons for developing key individual contributors. It also provided links to our white paper “Individual Contributors: Building on Strengths is the Foundation of Success at Every Level“.

Some highly professional individual contributors wield great influence and make critical contributions to the organization but don’t have a managerial title. They epitomize our long held view that leadership is an action, not a position.

These leaders without the title can be pivotal to team or organizational success. But they often get overlooked for any kind of leadership development because they don’t formally manage or supervise anyone and aren’t thought to need training in management basics.

Key individual contributors are huge assets for every organization and there’s an enormous opportunity to provide this group with much of the same development experiences their managerial colleagues receive.

For several years, Zenger Folkman has conducted development sessions for professional, individual contributors. Please join us to learn the four reasons to develop these folks. You’ll find out just how these forgotten resources could be increasing their value and benefiting your own organization in ways you may have completely overlooked!

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