Leveraging Strengths and Building Team SpiritA reader sent me this e-mail:

“Your recent blog, “A Dose of Reality: Our World is Dramatically Better“, is excellent. Your information supports what I had already believed but did not have data to support.

As I was reading your blog, I happened to have on my desk a copy of the book “The Trouble with Billionaires” by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks. They have a very contrary opinion, believing that things are getting worse and the large number of billionaires is contributing, if not causing a worsening of the situation for the poor. They provide references for almost all of their claims. I looked further into some of their statistics and info and found some classic misrepresentation of info.

We do focus way too much on what’s wrong and not on all that’s right with our world. If only we could forget our troubles as half as easily as we overlook our blessings!

Of course, stats are often manipulated, overblown, or overlooked to prove our case. I am not familiar with this book. It sounds like a classic case of putting on pessimistic glasses. When I was working on my last book, Growing @ the Speed of Change, I wrote this blog item with that citation; “Range of Reality: Choosing the Best or The Worst of Times“. It sure sounds like McQuaig and Brooks have chosen to wear dark and pessimistic glasses.

Tomorrow we publish my February blogs in the March issue of The Leader Letter. Last week’s blog posts reviewing and excerpting One Simple Idea by Mitch Horowitz chronicles one of the most radical ideas of the last few centuries; our thoughts shape our world. The glasses we choose to wear tints our reality.

Another key choice that shapes reality is whether to focus on building strengths or fixing weaknesses. Feedback and coaching helps make those vital decisions. The March issue has links to three archived webinars and links to related columns and articles on these topics.

As an optimist, and not an optometrist, I hope my blogs help you to check your vision!

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