How to Raise Honesty and Integrity from Good to Great

Tom is a strong manager with a solid track record of energizing and pulling teams together to deliver results in difficult circumstances. He’s been rising steadily in his organization. Tom thrives on ever more challenging assignments and driving hard to continue growing his leadership effectiveness and career opportunities.

A recent 360 assessment from Tom’s direct reports, peers, manager, and others he works with showed that one of his strengths is honesty and integrity. Tom was both gratified and puzzled by this feedback. It was gratifying to learn that he was seen as trustworthy, dependable, and well respected. This aligned with one of his organization’s core values of Trust and Respect. And it resonated with Tom’s pride in being an authentic leader following his moral compass. He’d always tried to speak his truth, keep his word, and deliver on commitments.

But Tom was puzzled by how to move this central leadership strength from good to great. How could he raise perceptions of his honesty and integrity from somewhat above average to outstanding? Should he concentrate on being really, really — perhaps even brutally — honest? Could he try to be honest ‘harder?’

“Maybe I should be a totally open book and tweet everything I am doing and thinking with everyone” he mused. If Tom asked you for advice what would you suggest?

Joe Folkman provided insightful answers to Tom’s conundrum in his complimentary webinar How to Make Honest People MORE Honest. In this webinar Joe discussed Zenger Folkman’s research uncovering eight companion behaviors to honesty and integrity. When developed, or performed well, these act as levers to increase honesty and overall leadership success.

Click here to view. Join us to discover all eight of these behaviors and how you can put them to work as you build your own leadership development — and discover what advice you could give to Tom!