Double Learner Motivation with Strengths-Based Leadership Webinar Now AvailableNeeds assessments and performance evaluations look for gaps and design training programs to fix weaknesses. This is a major reason participant motivation to build skills has been very low and transfer of learning poor.

On Monday I delivered a 60 minute webinar on The Strengths-Based Leadership Development Revolution and its refreshingly different impact on leadership development. Some of the Zenger Folkman research I discussed was a series of pre and post studies that examined the impact of leaders choosing to fix weaknesses versus building on existing strengths. 12 to 18 months later the leaders who magnified their existing strengths showed two – three times more improvement in leadership effectiveness than leaders who worked on fixing their weaknesses!

The fast-paced webinar provided a broad overview of this ground-breaking new approach including:

• The sixteen empirically identified key leadership competencies in five clusters that cause leaders and their team/organizations to flounder or flourish.
• The huge performance differences between “good” and “extraordinary” leaders and the dramatic impact on his or her team/organization.
• How developing just three existing strengths out of sixteen competencies catapults a leader’s effectiveness from the 34th to the 80th percentile.
• Evidence-based strength development using Companion Competencies, cross-training, and non-linear approaches.
• Why many needs assessments and 360 feedback tools are developing a negative reputation — associated with accentuating weaknesses — and how to correct the problem.

You can now access and watch the archived webinar here (you need a free registration on the site). Once you’ve watched the webinar, take our online Strengths-Based Leadership Development quiz and you’ll be entered to win one of two signed copies of How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths. You must enter by March 15 to be included in the draw.