Free coaching Webcast with Jim Clemmer Feb 12 2013In our Extraordinary Coach development system we define coaching as interactions that help the individual being coached to expand awareness, discover superior solutions, and make and implement better decisions. This is a broad leadership skill set that is most often used in career and performance coaching.

Extraordinary coaches can exist in an ordinary or even low performance culture. But that’s fairly rare. The exponential benefits of outstanding coaching skills — engaged employees, lower turnover, increased retention, higher quality, sales, service, and profits — are dramatically magnified when there’s a coaching culture full of exceptional leaders.

We’ve found 6 key steps lead to a coaching culture full of exceptional leaders:

1. Set expectations that leaders will coach.
2. Create structures and processes for coaches to follow.
3. Provide coaching skill development.
4. Bring science and other best practices to coaching.
5. Increase “pull” opportunities and build organization capabilities.
6. Monitor, measure, and strengthen coaching accountability.

I’ll cover how to implement these steps in my complimentary (no charge) webinar on February 12. Click on Building Extraordinary Coaching Skills: Six Steps to a Coaching Culture with Exceptional Leaders for details and to register. There’s a technical limit to how many connections we can provide to the webinar. So register now to ensure you and/or your team can join us.

I’ll also cover these points as well as overview our very powerful Strengths-Based Leadership Development System at a complimentary executive briefing on March 19 at The Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East, Dixon Road in Toronto. Click on Developing Exceptional Leaders and Coaches: Strengths-Based Leadership and Coaching Skills Development for more information and to register. Seats are limited.