Coaching Skills Have a Huge Impact on Employee EngagementI’ve long found January to be a great time of year for reflecting on the journey so far and looking ahead to what direction I’d like to take in the coming year. This year’s R & R time coincided nicely with revising my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has become a major tool for connecting to people I’ve presented to in conference keynotes, workshop participants, coaching Clients, executive retreat and team building members, and readers of my books and blog. Since it’s all about personal connections and relationships it was time to change my profile from a third person marketing pitch about what we do to a more personal first person format.

My profile starts with my first sales position in 1974. As I reviewed each step in my career it became an excellent way to reflect on career highlights and key themes. This culminated in the Summary at the top of my profile. Those four short paragraphs were the most difficult to write. How do I boil out the key elements of nearly 40 years of work pursuing my passion for leadership, team, and organization development?

Revising The CLEMMER Group section in a short summary was also a challenge. Our programs and services have evolved a huge amount since 1994. Our keynotes, workshops, retreats, team building, coaching, and customized training continue to grow and deepen. And our exciting new partnership with Zenger Folkman and their revolutionary Strengths-Based Leadership Development System and coaching skills is adding a whole new dimension to our work.

Check out my LinkedIn profile at If we’re not already connected, send me an invitation to connect and we can stay in touch through this fast growing and increasingly popular network. You can also “follow” The CLEMMER Group’s page on LinkedIn to stay abreast of our upcoming events.

All the best as you carve out your own R & R time and begin your 2013 adventures!


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