Give Your Team the Gift of Becoming a Better Boss‘Tis the season for reflecting, giving, and planning. Most leaders care about their teams and organizations. Gifts, bonuses, parties, and good wishes abound as everyone prepares for a Holiday break.

We all appreciate these seasonal expressions of gratitude and warmth. But the most lasting and profound gift a leader can give a team is uplifting his or her leadership skills from good to great. And by focusing on building strengths with the right roadmap it’s not as tough as it appears.

In his Forbes blog, Jack Zenger, outlines these key steps you can take:

1.      Inspire team members to high performance.

2.      Focus on the big picture.

3.      Make work and opportunity to learn.

4.      Demonstrate concern for team members.

5.      Resolve conflicts and insist on cooperation.

6.      Ask team members to stretch.

7.      Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

8.      Walk your talk. 

Gift yourself the pause that refreshes and read The Best Gift An Employee Can Get: 8 Steps to Being a Better Boss in 2013.

Follow these steps and both you and your team will enjoy a truly Happy New Year!