Strengths-Based Leadership Development Webcast: Sept 20, 2012 with Jim Clemmer and Jack ZengerThe more we learn about Zenger Folkman’s leadership development research and approaches, the more excited we are to be their Canadian Strategic Partner. At risk of sounding like a sleazy late night TV pitch man; Zenger Folkman’s Strengths-Based Leadership Development System is a major revolution in our field.

We’ve got a leadership crisis. Our organizations — and our world — need dramatically stronger leadership to address the massive challenges and changes engulfing us. This was clearly identified in a McKinsey & Company large scale global survey of CEOs and senior executives where 76 percent cited leadership development as important. But our current approaches are falling woefully short. Most leadership training and development programs are like the “magic medicine” cure-alls of the last century. They sound so good … but most don’t work. The study participants declared that only 7 percent thought their organization was effectively developing leaders!

In the past few decades the healthcare field has dramatically improved teaching and treatment methods through evidence-based medicine. The overarching question is what does the data and research tell us about what works and what doesn’t?

Like the traveling medicine-man days of elixirs, potions, and quack medicines, there’s a blizzard of theories, opinions, arcane thesis papers, inspirational quotations, training programs, books, frameworks, and approaches to leadership. What’s sorely lacking is an integrated model that combines both “hard” management and “soft” leadership built on a base of solid research.

We need to bring leadership development out of the “spray and pray” shadows into the light of modern research. We need a leadership revolution. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zenger Folkman. They may not be inciting riots in the streets — or throwing tea in the harbor — but they’re leading us to a long overdue leadership overhaul. Zenger Folkman have built a uniquely powerful leadership development system using strengths-based leadership development, on a foundation of evidence-based approaches, producing a highly personalized development plan, that’s built around a best of class 360 multi-rater tool. That’s one very powerful combination!

In a September 20 webcast, Jack Zenger and I will outline our new partnership to bring Zenger Folkman’s highly unique and very powerful strengths-based leadership development system to Canada. The overview includes:

  • background on their original and ongoing leadership effectiveness research
  • the high leverage of building strengths
  • how to create a best of class 360 assessment
  • finding the leadership sweet spot, and
  • leadership cross-training with data that shows how to build extraordinary strengths

We’ll then include Joe Folkman in a discussion of the four key crucial factors that clearly sets Zenger Folkman apart from current approaches to leadership development.

This webcast will feature some of the latest research just published this summer in Zenger Folkman’s revolutionary new book How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths. You can preview a special introductory chapter embedded with brief video clips of Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman explaining key concepts. Click here to access it.

For information and to view this complimentary (no charge) webcast click on Strengths-Based Leadership Development System.

Tune in, turn on, and join the revolution!