lost generation

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The short video clip Lost Generation continues to be a big hit with keynote and workshop audiences as we discuss our choices to Lead, Follow, or Wallow when faced with challenging changes or setbacks. It features a poem written by Jonathon Reed for a “U @ 50” contest sponsored by the American Association of Retired People (AARP) for 20 – 22 year olds on what future they see for themselves in 30 years.

Audiences love the video’s powerful message and clever construction. It’s a palindrome. That means can be read top down or bottom up. The message in reading top down paints a bleak and foreboding future. The bottom of the poem states, “and all of this will come true unless we choose to reverse it.” The narrator reverses and reads the poem bottom up. The message is brimming with optimism and hope. The exact same words read in two different directions carry diametrically opposite meanings.

In less than two minutes, Lost Generation hammers home how we create our own reality. In researching and writing Growing @ the Speed of Change I came across this summary from author and physician Larry Dossey: “In the last three decades findings in experimental psychology have suggested that one’s belief about the world may actually change it. This idea is very disturbing to the usual conceptions of the mind, suggesting that mind can actually influence events at a distance — that it can ‘move matter’ and thereby shape the world around us.”

Most of us can accept that where we focus our own personal consciousness or awareness creates our perception, which then creates our reality. But science is now raising serious questions about whether there is such a thing as objective reality or unchanging facts.

Amit Goswami, a physics professor (emeritus) at the University of Oregon and author of ten books, is one of the pioneers in a new multidisciplinary paradigm of science based on the primacy of consciousness. He explains his theory of science within consciousness: “Establishment science is done within the metaphysical umbrella that says that matter is the ground of all being, including mind and consciousness which are brain phenomena. Science within consciousness turns this upside down: consciousness is the ground of all being; matter, including the brain, consists of quantum possibilities of consciousness. When we observe matter, we choose from among these possibilities to produce the actual event that we experience.”

Go to Lost Generation and for your own reality check. What future are you constructing for yourself, your team, or your organization?

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