Has your executive or management team fallen into a few of the traps identified in my last blog post? If so, you’re in good company. Those common team traps are highly interconnected. Getting out of them takes a fair bit of work and approaches unique to each team.

Following is a menu of resources and approaches that have helped other teams. Click through for more information on the issues your executive or management teams are wrestling with:

  • Goals and Priorities –a selection of blogs dealing with slowing down to speed up, reducing priority overload, stop doing lists, cascading goals, controlling your own time, and related topics.
  • Team Building – short articles on dealing with moose-on-the-table, culture change starts with the management team, team spirit built from the top, pathways and pitfalls to leading teams, and others.
  • An Issue of The Leader Letter focused on meetings – includes 12 ground rules to keep meetings and conference calls on topic and productive, nine steps to make all your meetings more effective, and deciding how to decide: three levels of effective team decision making.
  • Meetings Showcase Organizational Culture – chart showing the linkages between meeting behaviors and organizational culture.
  • Thoughts that Make You Go Hmmm… on Meeting Effectiveness
  • Team Building – blog posts on healthy debates, team effectiveness, and management team development.
  • Moose Hunting – a blog linking to our Moose Tracks quiz, research on the lack of openness in many organizations, the story behind my story of this metaphor and book, and moose stories, examples, and discussions.
  • Lasting Culture Change Means Going Beyond Passionate Lip Service to Involved Leadership – a blog post featuring our “Commitment Continuum” for executive and management teams with links (just below the graphic) to bolt-on versus built-in culture change, why most change programs fail, walking the talk, and other resources.
  • Stop Wasting Valuable Time – I’ve purchased reprint rights to this Harvard Business Review article for some executive teams prior to their offsite retreat. Click on the link to read an executive summary with the key suggestions outlined.

What traps does your executive or management team tend to fall in? What helps get them back on the road to higher team performance and organizational leadership? Post your thoughts here or send me an e-mail at www.Jim.Clemmer@Clemmer.net.