Last Friday we had over 500 sites log on and view my (no charge) 57 minute webcast on Practical Leadership Development for Peak Performance. During this “City Tour” of leadership, change, and organization effectiveness, I covered:

•    Change Challenges and Choices
•    Keys to Leading Change
•    The High-Performance Balance: Managing Things and Leading People
•    Soft Skills, Hard Results: Emotional Intelligence
•    Timeless Leadership Principles for Enduring Team and Organizational Success
•    Leadership Development Workshops

We had over 1,100 sites originally registered to participate. In retrospect, we likely should not have chosen the Friday afternoon of what was a long weekend for many areas in North America! We also found that many participants had trouble accessing the live webcast and were not able to participate (we won’t be using this webinar provider again.) So if you were not able to log on – or you missed the live event – it’s now available for viewing on our web site.

The webcast is my voice through an audio broadcast synchronized with my slides, full of the usual animations and transitions I use when presenting in front of a group. We now have the broadcast available on our site for viewing as streaming audio and video on site. When you click on this link you’ll also see the agenda of what was covered in the webcast.

So you can catch the webcast on your own time, show it at your next team meeting, or bring people together for a shared learning experience and do the assessment/discussion exercises recommended in the presentation.