Tis the season for talk of “Christmas magic.” For much of the Western World the Holiday Season is a time of fantasy, magic, and myths. We’re reminded this time of year how dangerous it is to lose our sense of awe, wonder, and possibilities.

Science is rapidly redefining the blurry lines of reality and fantasy. My blog post on “Quantum Mechanics: Now What’s the Real World?” (also in December’s issue of The Leader Letter) invoked this insightful response from my Canadian Association of Professional Speaking colleague, Ravi Tangri:

“I smiled when I saw this posting. As you know, my first career was as a nuclear physicist before I moved into business and strategy – that’s where I mastered complexity and chaos theory – the lens I use for my work now.

The interesting thing is that this goes far beyond the quantum world. There is growing evidence in fields from quantum physics to psychology to cosmology and even to organizational theory that many of the fundamentals from quantum physics apply in our everyday world.

What scientists are finding is that, just as our universe is permeated by gravitational and electromagnetic fields, there is an information field (what some are calling the Akashic Field) that permeates and penetrates the entire universe.

This is an information field that we can tap into to increase our effectiveness and understanding of what’s happening. It is through this field that conscious intention can change everyday results. This links in to the effectiveness of goal-setting and creating a clear vision for yourself personally or corporately. We’re finally finding the science that backs it up.

I know this sounds pretty out there, but there’s growing scientific evidence that supports this. A great synthesis of these data is in the book Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo (or any book by Laszlo).

Really exciting to see you bringing this to the forefront, Jim. It’s an exciting arena and it really lets us understand the real rules we operate by in our day-to-day lives.”

What a perfect time of year to open ourselves up to new possibilities and to reassess, refocus, and re-frame our reality.