This has been our biggest week of the year with the launch of my new book.

One of the key themes in Growing @ the Speed of Change is “leadership is an action not a position.” When developed across an organization, leader behavior reverses the draining forces of change fatigue, de-motivation, and slipping morale. Growing @ the Speed of Change was written (and now priced) for broad distribution to frontline, as well as, supervisory and management staff who need to accept change, and adapt to the challenges and opportunities it brings.

Now more than ever we need leaders at all levels and all roles. One of my primary goals in writing Growing @ the Speed of Change is to provide a change tool for building organization-wide leadership behaviors and fostering a new appreciation for the opportunities of constant change. This is to:

  • Help staff at all levels deal with change, uncertainty, and turbulence
  • Provide practical approaches to improve morale, increase engagement, and boost energy
  • Foster personal growth and development within an “infotaining” and highly accessible book – written for people who often don’t read this type of material
  • Increase shared leadership throughout your entire organization
  • Reinforce organizational values and culture with key messages and approaches that encourage positivity, team work and a “can-do” spirit
  • Strengthen buy-in and personal commitment to organizational change and improvement efforts
  • Supplement learning and development programs with an inspir-actional resource providing practical tips and techniques to capitalize on constant change.

    When everyone in your organization accepts, expects, and acknowledges constant change you’ll see immediate benefits. You can see how we’ve priced Growing @ the Speed of Change for use with entire teams or organizations, at