Last week we sent out the Improvement Point below to subscribers.

“Despite all the talk – passionate speeches, glossy brochures, clever ads, high tech videos, convincing sales pitches, snappy slogans, strategic plans, and solemn annual reports – the service and quality action delivered by most organizations is mediocre at best.”

– from Jim Clemmer’s article, “How Total is Your Quality Management?”
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I originally wrote this article back in the day when Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) were popular. Many organizations used these powerful tools to dramatically drive up their service and quality levels. My previous company, The Achieve Group (now part of AchieveGlobal), and The CLEMMER Group worked with some of those highly successful organizations.

Unfortunately, those organizations were rare then – and still are today. Many claim high service and quality levels but few deliver. So an Improvement Points subscriber was right when he asked “how do you make it Great??”

That’s a very simple question with a complex answer! I wrote an extensive book, Firing on All Cylinders: The Service/Quality System for High-Powered Corporate Performance, on what it takes to build a high service/quality organization. You can peruse a series of my articles on Customer Service at I tried to boil most of this down to one article summarizing what’s needed at