Last week I introduced the April issue of The Leader Letter by pointing out the world is in the midst of major change. I also suggested that we’re seeing glimmers of hope and signs of renewed growth. Richard Kessener, Out-Patient Pharmacy Manager at Feather River Pharmacy in Paradise, California (I got a taste of paradise working with the management group with his organization back in January) sent me this response:

“Not sure what you said in your intro, but maybe the global change you’re seeing is global cooling. I’m glad someone is stepping out to give us a different perspective.

Meanwhile here in the states, we have a new perspective of ‘hope.’ As in ‘I hope we don’t go broke’ or ‘I hope we still have an economy to save in a few years.’ …kidding aside, I enjoy your newsletter.”

This was in the same week that my colleague, Ravi Tangri, and I had a discussion on the changes we’re seeing during these turbulent times. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“We’re now in an era where the old ‘rules’ don’t work anymore. In the ‘old’ world, we were encouraged to wear masks and play roles. Now there isn’t time for that BS. Things have changed so much that everyone is shaken out of their old ways of doing things – the auto workers are taking pay cuts and working hand in hand with management.

Nobody knows what the new ‘rules’ are – or even what the new ‘game’ is, but what seems to be emerging is that the path to uncovering these comes from connecting with our authentic selves. This ka-ka that we’re experiencing is, in my opinion, an opportunity for all of us to go deep inside, connect with our personal senses of purpose and meaning, and find a way to bring that forth in the world.”

What do you think is happening around us today? How big is the shift? What are the new rules of this rapidly emerging new game? Are you doing anything differently to prepare for change?