It’s been happening so regularly I shouldn’t be so surprised when it happens yet again. I am talking about the “coincidence” of encounters or correspondence while I am working on something along those very lines. Last week I was finishing the manuscript to my latest book. It’s an extension and significant build upon the approaches to personal growth I first articulated in parts of Pathways to Performance and built Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success around.

I was writing about and reflecting on the reconnection with my own purpose and living in the moment. Then the comment below was added to one of the articles on our web site. Click on the article title to read the piece. When you’re on that page, I’d love to see your comments or thoughts on this topic added to the discussion.

Gregory Knight, Department Head, Laboratory Services, U.S. Navy:
I have enjoyed many of your writings, but True to Our Souls is so timely, I had to write to you. The article is an inspiration (especially the opening quote by Gautama Chopra) to me personally as I near retirement and look forward to a different life than I have lead over the last two decades. But more than that the article provides thought provoking seeds that I want to plant and nurture in the hearts and minds of a few personnel in my department. I call this a ‘divine intervention’…there are no coincidences. Thank you and keep up your blessed mission in life.