Hello, Jim.

I just read the book from Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within.” I want to be CEO of computer department some day. I have eleven years experience.

I believe I will be a good boss. I learn something new every day. Every day I read books on how to become great person. I’m positive every day. What do you think about that?


Hi Boris,

You’ve off to a great start by focusing on your vision. I see Vision, Values, and Purpose as the hub or core principle of leadership. If you’re not familiar with my Timeless Leadership Principles model you can review it at Timeless Leadership Principles. The other six Principles are critical leadership skills that flow out from this core and together determine just how strong your leadership is.

Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins or inspirational works like The Secret very rightly identify the tremendous power of focus that’s vital to success. The magnetic law of attraction got me started on my life’s journey way back in 1975 with Claude Bristol’s classic book TNT: The Power Within You (read “How Visioning Changed My Life”.)

What’s often glossed over is that we have to work hard to develop the other leadership skills and add the discipline of management and build the technical expertise in our field of endeavor as well. Dreaming big is vital. Working hard and relentlessly to build a balanced skill set is critical to making our dream eventually our reality.

Grow for it!