Below is a description and link to one of my favorite fables on resisting peer pressure and following what I feel is right. I once had a gymnasium of high school kids applaud this story after I told it (holding the attention of 300 grade nine kids was stretching the bounds of my professional speaking comfort zone!). They recognized the timeless wisdom it illustrated.

Ringing True to Me

It’s often difficult to be true to ourselves – it generally means we don’t follow the crowd. Standing up and standing firm for our beliefs can be lonely and unpopular. Find out why the thumb stands apart from the other four fingers in this excerpt.

Here are personal application ideas for ever deepening your authenticity:

  • Spend twenty minutes per day writing out your deepest feelings and reflections on the day in a personal journal. This can be especially helpful if you’re going through difficult changes or have suffered a serious setback or loss in your life.
  • Learn how to be quiet and listen to your voice within. Follow where it leads.
  • Complete tests like the Kolbe Index, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Gallup’s Strength Finder Profile, Social Styles, and the like to determine your personal style and how you can maximize your preferences and strengths while working with varying styles on your team.
  • When giving or receiving feedback, keep it in balance. Point out the strengths or things going well. Use your own “blessings and brag list” to keep your perspective if you’ve been given some painful personal feedback.
  • Contribute to authentic conversations in an authentic workplace. Speak the truth as you see it. Obviously the time and place needs to be appropriate. Diplomacy and tact are also critical. Help others (especially your peers and those above you) to see the Moose-on-the-Table.