A few months ago, professional speaking colleague (we met and stay in touch through the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), Tyler Hayden approached me with this intriguing offer:

“I am co-editing a book called ‘A Father’s Message In a Bottle’ (which will be part of a series – A Mother’s, A Sister’s, etc.) The first book we are bringing to print is the father’s version… In short the book has letters from Fathers to their children on assorted topics but each containing a nugget of wisdom and love. It’s been really fun to build… we have letters from Astronauts, powerful CEO’s, and local guys too…. (we even have one from a father to his children before he died in WW2, and a father who lost his son in a terrorist bombing in the middle east).

I’d really love to add a letter from you to your children in this edition of the book.”

You can read my message to our three kids (all adults now) at http://www.clemmer.net/articles/A_Message_in_a_Bottle.aspx