Here’s a quickie quiz I put together for my new Breaking Through the Bull workshop. It draws on our Consulting and Training division’s growing experience with assessing and helping our Client’s shift their culture. It also frames many of the issues Pete Leonard (the fictional manager in my new book, Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work) is facing at his struggling company.

You can take the quiz yourself. But what’s even more effective – and can open up courageous conversations – is if you have your whole team take the quiz, compile the results, and discuss data you’ve generated.

Do you have Moose on your table?

How true are the following statements:
1-Not True 3-Somewhat True 5-Very True

  1. People are reluctant to openly discuss concerns, issues, or problems.
  2. E-mail is consuming more of our day and reducing personal communication.
  3. We are drowning in details and data while losing sight of the big picture.
  4. Stress and frustration levels are increasing.
  5. My/Our boss is not an effective leader.
  6. Senior management doesn’t set clear priorities and provide good direction.
  7. Trust and accountability gaps are widening.
  8. There’s a fair bit of negativity, cynicism, and blaming others around here.
  9. We avoid asking for or giving honest performance feedback.
  10. Indifference and apathy are reducing customer service, innovation, quality, and productivity.
  11. Morale is declining as absenteeism and turnover increases.
  12. I/We often go along with things that I/we don’t agree with.
Scoring: 45 points or higher – You have a highly dysfunctional culture. Courageous leadership and strong organizational development work is needed for major cultural change.
30 - 44 points – Your culture is fairly average. Strong leadership and organizational development will boost you from ordinary to extraordinary.
16 - 29 points – You’re somewhat above average. Keep leading and developing to move even higher.
15 points or lower – You have a high performance culture.