Here are the three most popular Improvement Points we sent out in January:

“Many people lose the boss lottery and, through no faul of their own, end up reporting to an ineffectual manager. You may not have chosen your boss, but you don’t have to be a victim of his or her weaknesses.”
– From Jim Clemmer’s article, “Bad Boss: Learn How to Manage Your Manager”

“‘How long have you worked here?’ ‘Ever since my boss threatened to fire me.’ Far too many people have retired, but still show up for work. Others have resigned but still go through the motions and are on the payroll.”
– From Jim Clemmer’s article, “Apathy and Cynicism Zap Our Spirit”

“We must ring true to ourselves by exploring our inner space, gathering feedback on our personal behavior, and ensuring consistency with our stated values and principles.”
– From Jim Clemmer’s article, “Growing the Leader in Us”