I wrote last month how my author anxiety was lessened by very positive early reviews (and our printer purchasing copies for his entire management team while the ink was still drying.) My stress continues to drop as many more written and verbal reviews are now rolling in. I especially like to get the “I could not put it down” feedback as well as insights into how readers “delayered” and interpreted the symbols and messages I tried weaving into an entertaining story.

“Jim, I loved the book and could not put it down until I finished! It is a great way to open the eyes of ‘Moose Hunters’ everywhere. I have recommended the book to our Coach network and hopefully you will be receiving many more requests for the book!”

Diane Cappel, Organization Effectiveness Coach

Dow Chemical

“Jim’s latest book, Moose on the Table, brings attention to a not so un-novel situation in a very novel way. Jim brings into focus a scenario that affects many people in many organisations in a way that makes reading about it fun. This increases consideration of the key issues that cause it to occur in the first place. It’s too easy to pass over these learnings in a text book. Jim’s storytelling makes them much more enjoyable and consequently increases the learnings and ability to reference it to others in the team.”

George Gilraine, Facilitator/Internal Management Consultant

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals A/S, Denmark

“Moose on the Table is educational and entertaining. From beginning to end the story had me fully engaged. I particularly liked how Jim so creatively manifested Pete’s subconscious battles with himself through the humorous and painful struggles with the character of Alfred. Their ‘conversations’ and confrontations revealed the fragility of the human spirit. It also reminded us to listen deeply to our inner voice. By doing so, we can reclaim our resourcefulness, resiliency, and intuition to successfully deal with adversity. Jim skillfully wove the threads of Pete’s self awareness into a remarkable personal tapestry of tragedy and triumph through inner reflection leading to outer leadership. Readers will easily identify with and learn from the main character – Pete Leonard.

Moose on the Table needs to be in everyone’s motivational/self-help library. It’s a novel to read and reread. Each time the story will be fresh and inspiring.”

Kamara Hennessey, B.Mus. RMT (ORMTA:CFMTA)

Program Coordinator (BFO~H/B), Burlington, ON