Establish your three – five personal core values. These could be words or short phrases that represent what you care most about in life. Are these truly your own beliefs and values or are they what other people or institutions have said you should care about?

Ensure that your day planner and calendar reflect your values. Schedule personal and professional activities that align to your values with equal weight. Don’t allow today’s urgencies to crowd out what’s really important in your life.

Develop your private ‘Blessings and Brags’ list. Record every accomplishment, strength, success you’ve ever had or things you’re grateful for. Keep adding to it regularly. Review the list whenever you’re feeling down on yourself, anxious, or a little sour.

Schedule regular reflection time. Review your vision, values, and purpose. Read inspirational material. Meditate. Focus on life’s bigger issues and put today’s concerns into a broader context.

Wrap up your day just before going to bed by recounting your top five accomplishments or best things that happened that day. This is especially important when you’ve had a bad day. Fall asleep feeling good about yourself and your situation.